Psychological Words Nice words  words THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PSYCHOLOGICAL WORDS psychological

Psychological Words

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If life doesn’t make you laugh, you don’t understand the joke. Chekhov

As long as you continue without changing, it doesn’t matter how slowly you go. Confucius

The power is beautiful; The love is so secretive CharIes Reade

I’m sad to show anyone. I laugh at daytime, I’m alone at night.

Sometimes you need to go. Without worrying, without more fatigue. If it’s time without looking back. Can YüceI

I compare people to the rain drops that hit the windows of the car, and sometimes slides down to a drip and rushes into another. Figs

I trust two things in life. One is that I see when I look at the mirror and the other I can’t see when I look up. Sagopa Kajmer

To be in love is something. It’s a moment when everything just seems so flick, all of the most pastey colors are getting warmer, and all the food is much more desirable. Losers Club

They ask the difference between loving and being in love? Shams: Everyone looks at you; but not everyone can see like you can see it. Everyone can fall in love; but no one can love you like you. The only difference is you. Şems-i Tebrizi




Psychological Words Nice words  words THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PSYCHOLOGICAL WORDS psychological

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