The Secret of Success success quotes  The secret of success a short success lesson

The Secret of Success

The secret of success;

Johannes was a young, talented and ambitious student. He was on
known throughout the university for his thirst for knowledge. John was sitting
Day and night over his books, took hardly time to eat and
Sleep, let alone amusement.

Johannes got a hot summer day during the lecture
a weakness.
Out of concern, his professor took him aside for a talk. He
Wanted to know why he studied so extremely ambitious and dogged?
John replied, “I want to make a great difference in my life,
as well as find success, satisfaction and happiness! I think the more
I’m learning now, the sooner I get to my destination. ”
“May I tell you a short story?” The professor asked.

“There were once two brothers, each splitting several quarts of wood
had. One brother struck the logs sharply with his hatchet
and worked ambitiously, without a break and diligent until the evening. The
Another brother took a few minutes break every hour and had
still managed the much larger stack in the evening!
The ambitious brother asked in astonishment how it could be that he despite
would have achieved more of his many breaks than he?
He explained that he was not only rested from work,
but also sharpened his ax in the meantime! “

John took the words of his professor to heart.
After a few years, his name went through all
Media as one of the most successful scientists, the story
ever saw. When asked about his secret of success, he admitted
always smiling, “I was in favor of the smarter> wood chipper

© Gisela Rieger; from the book “Inspirations for the Heart” ; ISBN 978-3-00-050869-1

(We use the story with kind permission of the author, thank you!)


“Give a man a fish and a man
you feed him for one day.
Teaching a man to fish and
you feed him for his life.


Quote: Confucius, Chinese philosopher, c. 551-479 BC Chr.

The Secret of Success success quotes  The secret of success a short success lesson

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